Friday, June 26, 2009

the lessons continue....

okay, he said.
i think we're done with that. i think we
can move on.

i looked over at him.
he wasn't kidding.

no. i said.
you both are saying entirely different things
and neither of you know it.

and then i asked them if they realized what the
other was saying.

neither did.

and so we backtracked and started again.

i feel like i got such lessons into human
nature last nite that i don't even know what
to do with it all.

one of the things that struck me most for myself
was watching how many different ways they did
the same thing.

they're not different than any of us.
we all have got to do that too.

we say 'okay, i'm gonna work on changing this....'
and then we find a way, without even realizing it,
to do the same thing, but make it look like it's
different, or make it look like we're trying.

i was kinda stunned by that.
at one point, kinda outta the blue to them, but
to me it made sense as i'd been watchin' and
watchin'.....i exclaimed 'of course! it makes
sense! you do what's familiar.'

all of us do.
over and over in different ways.
i know i do.

but i think what struck me so much last nite
was how we're not even aware of it when we're
doin' it.

makes it kinda tough and frustrating to work

unless, maybe we continually check in on ourselves.
and really really really look.

think it's there to see.....we just need to look.

and i'm not sure we really know that.

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