Friday, June 26, 2009

a new tool!


i thought i knew what it meant.
but truth is, i never really gave it a whole
lotta know....the different ways
you can have awareness and what you can do with

i tried something new this morning.
i checked in a couple of times with my body.
i tried to be aware of my body's reactions to
thoughts i was having.

and what happened was so cool.....
i totally left the frustrating thought i was
having, and got sidetracked with my body.

i found it a great way to refocus.

i was kinda curious.
i thought i did this kinda thing all the time.
why does this feel different?

and i think what i usually do is try to focus
on my FEELINGS when i'm having certain thoughts.
how you feelin' about that, ter?
and then go diving into those.

this was more of a 'how you reacting to that, ter?'
and then i went diving into all that.

it was an entirely different experience.
and it totally helped me refocus on things i want
to focus on.

i don't know.....was my first dabbling......
but i think i may have found a new tool!

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