Friday, June 26, 2009

stars in the fog....

my past has been haunting me for about two weeks
now. sometimes in my face disturbing me, other
times real quietly echoing inside.

several things happened to stir this stuff up,
and while it's beginning to quiet down again,
it's taken way longer than it has before.....

his stuff has been a huge distraction.
not a fun distraction....but a huge distraction.
i spend a lot of time trying to balance myself
with it and not get sucked under. been pulled
under several times, but have pulled myself back

so there's these two big forces whirlin' around
inside.....both kinda wanting to haunt and eat
at me.....

thru these churnings, yo, zakk and josh have
wandered in and out.

just living.
talking with me.
sharing with me.
laughing with me.
groaning with me.

they're like these incredible bright shining
stars to me. whooshing thru the haze and fog.

they don't know.
i'm gonna tell them today.
they'll smile and nod and maybe give me a hug.
but they still won't know.

to have stars in the fog has got to be one of
the best things you can ever ever have.

i'm so darn lucky.....

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