Saturday, June 27, 2009

ease up woman, it'll be okay...

i was never a big wayne dyer fan.
he says a lotta stuff i like, so he should
be....but i don't know....never been a fan.

but i bought his latest book because someone
who knows me really well told me he's workin'
on what i'm workin' on. and his thoughts might
help me.

okay. i'm in. i'll try.

if i get nothing else out of his book, i've
already got what was worth it. he's got me
thinking about awareness. and that feels really
good to me.

and now this.....i read this and just
breathed a sigh of relief...

'the blossom vanishes of itself
as the fruit grows,
so will your lower self vanish
as the divine grows in you.'

'letting the divine grow within you
involves sincerity, service to others,
kindness, and reverence for all of life.
endeavoring to become aware
encourages authentic thoughts to
grow and appear in your inner world,
and so will your lower self vanish
as the divine grows within you.'

i don't know, that just felt like a
big ol' relief to me.
sometimes i think if i try harder
and harder, i'll 'get it.'
then when i'm knee deep in trying hard,
i figure out that's the opposite of
what i should be doing and i need to
let go. and then i finally get myself
to let go.

and over and over again i go thru
this cycle.

this just felt like 'ease up, woman,
it'll be okay.'

i liked that.

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