Saturday, June 27, 2009

pulling off a beautiful day...

i'm a little bit nervous about today.
it's gonna be a challenge for me to be

circumstances are certainly not at their
peak of perfection, and i'm going to have
to set aside some wants.

part of me is okay with that. and part of
me isn't. and i know that that can make
for some problems.

here's the thing.....
i want to be able to give and be loving.

so my first answer to that is 'okay, get out
of yourself and just do it.'

but.......i know from experience that giving
everything away isn't the answer.

i know that i need to also love myself.

so. the challenge is to recognize that the
time is not optimal for me to get all that
i want. so drop the 'wants' and look at
the 'needs.'

different things.

find the needs.
the real needs.
and find a loving way to touch on those.

and let the wants rest in the corner today.

i think before i would put it all in the corner
over and over again.

and then resent it all after awhile.

i'm learning now that loving others means loving
me too.

and i'm learning that that takes a little more
thought than i realize sometimes.

off to separate the wants from the needs and
then surround it all in gratitude.

i really want to pull off a beautiful day.

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