Thursday, June 4, 2009

lessons from a body....a person i don't know.....

so somewhere very close to my house,
more than likely when i was sleeping,
a person's life ended.
more than likely violently.
more than likely way too early.

and there it lays near the highway....

it's over for them.
at least in this realm.

if that was me there'd be
no more cryin' over trees.
no more laughin' with the kids.
no more worryin' about them.
no more listening to their banter.
no more chance to tell bob how much
i love him. no more looking at his eyes,
touching him, loving him.
no more family frustrations, throwing
imaginary snakes off my legs to get by...
no more financial worries....
no more tryin' to figure bone sighs out.

no more nothin.
well, nothing HERE anyway.

in my mind, i went and sat on the corner
of the highways.
sat in a clump of weeds, next to where i
pictured the body layin' there....
just a vague image as i can't handle what
prolly really happened....just a vague

you remind me of all i have...i whisper.
you remind me of all i lose every moment
that i don't pay attention....

and you remind me of all i yet want to do.

and in my mind, a spirit soars overhead
and whispers, it.....
take your gift and live it.....

for whoever it is who left this planet...
for whoever it is they found...
may your spirit soar....
and may i remember what it is you remind
me of today.......


Carmen Rose said...

take your gift and live it, best advice ever!! Thank you for this Terri!

Merry ME said...

My friend,
I think this is the best eulogy I've ever read.

Where I live there is a preponderance of(what I deem unnecessary) violent deaths. I've become hardened to the news. I've forgotten to be saddened for the life lost and families destroyed. Your post serves as a gentle reminder - as it always does - to remember and be grateful.

Bless you