Thursday, June 4, 2009

a cozy inside day......

i went out determined to get in a good walk
and get in a good space in my head.
yesterday was just sad. i wanted to just
get a grip and move forward today.

i stepped out and my favorite neighbor
hollered over. he needed a jump.
no problem. except to get over to his
driveway across the street...there was
a traffic jam.


what's with all the traffic i asked him.
his eyes got big and said he had no idea.

started my walk.
traffic seemed to slow back down....quiet again.

okay. that was weird.
get down to the construction guys.
two different guys stop me to tell me to
be careful. lots of traffic.
they found a body down at the corner of the
highways....rerouting traffic.


a body???

oh man.

i start walkin' again.
really glad i'm not the body.
then the traffic starts up big time.
like a highway. just goin' down the other

i stop.
this isn't gonna work.

boy do i feel invaded.
first the trees.
now the traffic.
where's my quiet little country street???
i so wanted a really good walk in.

i'm frustrated, bugged, and upset.

wait a minute, terri.
you're not the body they found.

you're not the body.

and who knows who is out there still...


suddenly my cozy little house seemed like
a pretty good spot to be.

i'll walk later, i thought.
mmmmmm......then i thought again about who
knew who was out there.....

mmmmmmmm.....maybe not.

today's just gonna be a cozy inside day,
and i'm gonna appreciate not bein' the body.

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