Monday, June 15, 2009

quiet, silent giving....

i passed him all day. here and there stopping
to say something and check in for a moment,
then off to help keep things flowin'.

but i'd notice every time i passed him and
heard him chattin' with someone he didn't know.
he just kept movin' around talkin' and tryin'
to be friendly.

i watched him reach out to two people who have
been totally rude to him. he still got rude
back this time, but he tried. then he went on
to other people with his famous 'whatever'
attitude that i love so much.

he hadn't planned on stayin' all day. he had
some major problems goin' on. had things to
deal with.

but he stayed for the whole thing and afterwards
a bit. then the problems got to be too much and
he had to go attend to all that.

at one point he plopped down in the living room
with my kids and i heard him say 'i am definitely
an introvert.'

i laughed as i walked by. he was really reachin'
beyond himself.

what a tremendous giving he gave to josh and i.
he was present all day and tryin' hard to be part
of the event. when he had every right not to even
show up. or to be distracted and leave early.

i think of the two that have been so rude to him....
how they have no clue what a cool soul he is.

no one knew he had problems going on. he just kept
it all party attitude.

and i many other people had some real
things going on that were just tuggin' and tuggin'
at 'em, but they offered themselves anyway to the

the quiet, silent giving that you never see......
something so important not to forget....
something i felt so blessed to know about this time
and just watch.....
and to all the stuff i didn't know it was
there and hold it gratefully...

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