Friday, June 5, 2009


a walk in the rain....
exactly what my spirit needed this
morning. some neighborhood quiet....

still i feel like i saw every construction
worker in his truck go by!
one stopped to give me credit for walkin'
in any weather. another stopped to tell
me i was going to get sick walkin' in the
i just looked at him and smiled.
nahhhh, i told keeps me healthy.

really, it keeps me sane.

finally, they all seemed to leave and the
place was quiet. i walked and watched the
rain fall down. it was falling with a slant.
i love that....

i started thinking of the hurts and pain of
life as rain....and then got distracted looking
at a beautiful yard and thought of all the
growth that the rain was bringing to the greenery

and i thought of that.....
is it the same for the rain of life?
for the pain and hurts?
does all that bring you growth too?

yeah, i guess it can, i thought.

huh. i wondered.
do we need the rain of life like the plants
need rain????
i hadn't ever thought about needing pain
and hurt before....i mean really needing it
as part of the cycle....

but oh, ter, before you get carried away with
this, remember.....floods come too and wash
everything away. it's not always a growing

life too.
i thought.
and i thought of the people i know who had
truly truly been flooded. some were washed
away....some still hangin' on to a log.....

does anyone really need a flood??
i couldn't find my way to thinking they did.

but a little rain....well.....maybe.
don't know....
was a new thought....

as i walked home i lifted my face to the
sky and let the rain drop on my cheeks.....
if i could get this comfortable with the rain
of life, i sure would be doin' good, i thought....

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