Tuesday, June 2, 2009

shakin' my head

sometimes i just gotta shake my head.
i finished here....feelin' pretty worn out and
beat. not a lotta heart left in me tonite.

turned to look at the stack of mail.
didn't even feel like opening any of it.
saw a large envelope from an elderly gentleman
friend. he's in his 80's. i met him thru
bone sighs. he actually liked them and came
to an art gig i did. we've been friends ever

he's only sent me something one other time,
years ago....
it can wait, i thought.
no, ter.....open it. leave everything else,
but open that.

and there inside are two 8x10 photos he's
taken. and one of them is of a tree.

yeah. a tree.
in the note he enclosed he explained that he
'suddenly happened to look in the right
direction and was taken by the number and
directions of all the branches. i like to
compare it with life, goes in so many
directions as well.'

i just stood there with the note in one
hand, the tree picture in the other.

today of all days.
i'm just so sad about those trees.
and on top of the chemo, it just felt
really bad.

the man hasn't sent me anything in years.

how cool is this?!

the directions life takes......
all the directions......

no kidding.
some are hard. some are sad.
some are great. some are funny.
they're everything.
all directions.

and i don't know.......somehow, i could
feel just a little bit more heart coming
back....i felt like it was a reminder....
there's still magic, ter....
there's still magic.

he invited us down to go visit him....
i think i'm gonna have to do that.

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