Monday, June 29, 2009

sitting around the table....

we sat around the little round table
out on the back patio....
she was fillin' us in on where she was
with her journey.

at one point, she cocked her head to
the side and put her hands to her
neck and heart...her eyes teared up
and she said she was really starting to
like herself. she closed her eyes briefly
as she said it.

i could feel the tears coming to my
own eyes.

and then she went quickly into that she
didn't want to sound conceited.


i wonder when we're gonna get past that
thought as a culture. when we're not going
to have to clarify that we're liking ourselves
in a good way.....

she relayed parts of her story...and the past
stories from my own journey came whirling in
front of my eyes....

so many of the things she said sounded familiar.

is this every woman who divorces? i wondered.

i sat there watching a beautiful woman beginning
to wake up. and i was so happy for her. she's
a lot younger than i am. she caught it all quicker.
it's going to do her good...she has no idea yet.
but i kept thinking 'just wait and see....just
wait and see.'

there were two younger women at the table.
i wondered how this all looked to them. they were
just stepping into the world of men and relationships.

how do they view all this?
how would i have viewed it at their age?

certainly not like i view it now.

and i guess that's the cool thing about life....
every age has it's own eyes.
and each set of eyes has it's great qualities
as well as its blindness.

maybe that's what being a wise old crone would
be like....finally after all those stages of
different sets of eyes, having one very open
set that understands all the others.

wouldn't that be cool?

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