Sunday, June 21, 2009

thanking sue.....

over on facebook i asked for some musical
suggestions. i got quite a lot of different ones!

one in the 'out of the box' catagory is a
group called muse.

sue's been tellin' me forever about them,
and i can't even remember if i checked them out
at first or not.

but apparently the nite was right as i looked
up her suggestion of a song called hoodoo.

here's the last section of their lyrics:

And I've had recurring nightmares
That I was loved for who I am
And missed the opportunity
To be a better man

those few lines hit like a ton of bricks.

i didn't get that love growin' up.
i have it now.
i am lucky enough to have it now.
i want to shout that out.
that's incredible news.

and i so don't want to miss the opportunity
to be a better me.

today's been a struggle.
i've had some sadness and not known what to do
with it.

and then i heard that part of the song and just
kinda stopped.

i know darn well what to do with it.

funny how a few lines in an off the wall song
can totally turn you back in the direction you
were tryin' to go in the first place...

thanks, sue.......

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