Sunday, June 21, 2009


so i found myself sitting on the bleachers
in the middle of redneck life.

we went to a demolition derby last nite.


aren't cultures a fascinating thing???

i sat and looked at these people and wondered
about them.....

then i'd pan out in my imagination and put
all these people in another culture.
they were born with money, raised different
and now they're at an opening nite of a play.
or an opera.

i looked at one pretty girl and thought of how
different her life would be if she was raised
with a different culture.

would it be better?
or just different???

absolutely different.
that's for sure.

i saw a pregnant girl drinking a beer.
made me sad.

i saw a lot of things that made me sad.

but what culture would i pick?

would it be yuppie??

would it be rich and educated???

would it be middle class???

which culture would i pick to be part of?
which culture was i part of??

wasn't sure.

wasn't feeling too much like i fit anywhere.

and the smashing went on.

i'd look at the young guys getting tossed
in the cars and i'd jump every time they hit
real hard. then i'd cringe.
they must be getting hurt.

i tell ya....i have no clue where i fit.
but it wasn't at the demolition derby!

i was so glad i went tho.
josh loved it. absolutely loved it.
bob wanted more smashing and flipping and
fire and action (does the word neanderthal
come to mind??)
it was good to be included.
and the ride home was tremendous.

we had our own little culture in that
car....and i loved it.
at least i fit in there......

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