Thursday, June 18, 2009

we're not crazy....

amanda posted a really gracious comment just a
bit ago, and i read it and smiled.

she thanked me for helping her realize
she wasn't going crazy and she'd be ok.

funny, i just wrote a note to someone recently
thanking them for doing the very same thing
for me.

i honestly, honestly felt such relief that
yeah, maybe i wasn't crazy....i got that relief
by reading a book.

funny, huh?

we're not.
we're not crazy.
we're strong and resilient and growing
and learning.

it just doesn't feel that way so much sometimes.

amanda's in the middle of some pretty dark
darkness. and those times really do feel so
alone and scary.

if we could only know that we really aren't
alone. if we could only just know that and
hold it.

there's another magic button i wish i had.
i wish i could let everyone know that.
heck...i wish i could let me know that sometimes!

here's to helpin each other remember we're not
crazy! and we'll be okay!

1 comment:

Merry ME said...

Hey Amanda,
You're not crazy. It's the rest of the world that's too nutty for words. That's why those of us who are totally sane feel so out of sync.

Trust me. Whatever you are going through is not so dark that if you look real, real close you'll see a flicker of light. And behind that light is not one, but a million candles burning brightly to show you the way. Follow the light and you will be okay.

Just follow the light.

P.S. When in doubt read Terri's blog cause there's always light there.