Friday, June 19, 2009

lessons from my yo

i have a meeting in front of me today that
feels daunting to me......hopeless.....and
a bit heartbreaking.

what a thing to look forward to.

i have been surrounding myself the last
few days in the magic in my life for other
reasons. and it's felt so good.

i keep reminding myself of that magic....
not to discount it and to know the unexpected
can happen.

tryin' to hold on to that.
but still felt discouraged with this meeting.

saw yo yo as i was getting ready for my walk.
asked him if he wanted to join me.
he so pleasantly agreed that i could feel
my spirits lifting just because of his
nice response.

over and over again i am reminded of the power
we have in the tiniest of acts.

our responses all thru the day mean more than
we choose to know.

hmmmm....something to remember in that meeting
of mine.

so we walked and talked and goofed.
and my spirits lifted.

i am committed today to watch my responses,
and be aware of the potential of each one....

over and over my sons teach me....
i just love them so much.

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