Saturday, July 4, 2009


the fun has begun.
josh stayed the nite last nite.
and this morning there was a lot of
goofin' on facebook.
yo got on josh's account and posed as
josh and then josh did the same to yo!

then as i was laughing about it all, i
found out josh got on and posed as me!

i'm looking forward to a day of laughter.
we're off to a good start.

while they were doin' all this, i was
wakin' up with a book. got this line i
wanted to share....

it's a quote from virginia woolf -

'arrange whatever pieces come your way.'

that's it.
that one line.

i immediately thought of a few pieces
that have come my way.
and i was struck by the simplicity and
gorgeousness of this idea.

it's all in how we arrange, isn't it?

gonna make one heck of an arrangement today.

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