Saturday, July 4, 2009

july fourth!

i love the fireworks tonite.

and the time goofin' with my family.

the whole meaning of the day tho gets
a lotta of emotions swirling that i
don't know what to do with.

cause it's not all black and white.

i sure wish life was black and white
sometimes. it'd be a lot easier.

i'm certainly glad we're independent.
and i honestly feel blessed to have
the freedoms we do.

recently i thought of women in other
countries and i just got sick over
their lives.

i hate war.
and yet i see so much conflict everywhere
with people not hearing or seeing that
i wonder how we've ever survived this long.
i wonder if we'll ever learn another way.

i see greed and power and hatred running
so much....

i see good mixed in with evil.

i see a swirling mass of complicated human
issues that don't look like we've learned
much at all about.

i don't see any clear answers.

i actually have these funky little camo pants
i bought at the thrift store. mostly cause
that hunter guy of mine has me noticing camo.

but today i slipped them on because of the
holiday. so that whenever i look down at my
legs i'll remember the whole huge mix of things
this day holds.

and i'll remember how lucky i am that i have
the freedom to do so.

1 comment:

Kavindra said...

Very interesting take on the day. Thanks for being a philosopher while everyone else is out eating hotdogs and blowing stuff up. You got me thinking ...