Sunday, July 5, 2009

wondering about peace....

i live in a really interesting county.
in the surrounding counties, it's known
as the county not to be in.

i want to say it's the poorest county in
the area, and yet, at the same time, i'm
pretty sure it's THE richest population of
african americans in the entire country.

so try to figure that mix.
it's poor whites, poor blacks, rich blacks
and middle class whites?? i don't know...
it's a weird mix. my neighborhood is blue
collar mixed.

i see a lot of interesting mixes at events.

last nite was no exception.
we went to the poor neighborhood event....
the poor, mostly white event.

i sat there thinking about war and independence
as i watched everyone milling around.

there is so much mixed into what class you're in,
what education you have, where you grow up,
who you hang out with, what you do with your time....

i am struck with this every time i go to an event.
doesn't matter if it's a rich white event,
a rich black event, a mixed middle class event...
whatever....i'm always struck by the different
moods and feels of the different groups.

i feel a strong flavor with each one of the groups.
and i notice it so much now as i see so many
different ones.

some i see more blending than others.....
but the gaps between the groups, the lines that
somehow form....they're so strong, and so apparent.

how do we ever blend an entire planet into peace??

it felt kinda hopeless last nite as i sat there
and watched....

it was an interesting independence day celebration,
that's for sure.


Merry ME said...

Seems to me the only way we can do that mixing and blending is not to look at color or job or class but to look at the heart and feet.

We all walk the same path. All hearts love. For me it is the walking together in love that will bring peace.

Of course everyone has to buy into the idea. Why is that so hard?

Sorrow said...

My grandfather said that the only way an entire planet can blend is when it has to face the races of another planet, then there is a unity that has no lines, or perhaps the lines are a bit more cosmic?