Friday, July 24, 2009

batter up!

so i was havin' my cup of tea, checkin' up
on a few blog posts from friends.
christie changed her blog addy and i had
to go round her up to find it.

glad i did.

she's got this post on life/baseball that hit me
in a way i don't even think she was tryin' to hit me.

but i loved it.

somewhere in there she mentions playing for the love
of the game.

comparing baseball to life.

so, okay....
how did this concept get by me???

playing for the love of the game.


talk about timing.

i'm not sure exactly if that's what i've
ever done.

i spose i can twist things a bit and turn them
a bit....and kinda make that what i've been doin'.

but um....
it would take some twisting and turning.

and i'm really really really diggin' that concept.

there's this one huge ol' big hunk of a stress ball
in my life right now.

do i play with that for the love of the game?


but it sure changes how i look at that big ol'
hunk of stress ball, doesn't it?

it does in my mind.

christie........thank you.

you rock my world.

batter up!

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