Saturday, July 25, 2009

round one

i made it thru the first round of high school
reunion celebrations last nite. and it was really
good. tonite should be even better now that we're
warmed up.


everyone seemed way comfortable in acknowledging
the class was so big (about 1,100) and a lot of
us didn't know each other. was real natural to say
'i don't think we knew each other.' and to hear
'well, we do now.' back. wow.....we really must
be maturing!!!

hearing someone's retelling of their entrance
into becoming a rebel with the food fight on the
bus. he told such a good story, i was there. i
could just see the whole thing. and i laughed
thru it all.

watching someone who thought no one knew who he
was find out that people had memories of him.
and hearing some of those memories.

having someone light up when he saw my name tag
(the ONLY person who lit up, by the way) and hug
me and tell me in the warmest voice that he
had 'the biggest' crush on me and i was so
beautiful and that i still was.

i about melted with that one.

going to the women's room has never been such fun!
you couldn't go in without hugging people and

and more laughing.

man, everyone looked old.
that wasn't such a good highlight.
a room full of almost 50 year olds......
a little unsettling.
but good.

real good.

round two tonite.....


Anonymous said...

awww, ter, I'm soooo happy for ya! Yep, ur one beautiful woman. Would've loved to have seen u in h.s. hope u come to believe this about urself.
have lots & lots & lots of fun tonite.
oh, & about looking old? that's my reaction when I see friends that i haven't seen in ages. They look good. If I met them randomly I'd think they looked great, but when u have a pic in ur mind from 30, 40 yrs. ago---oh brother!

faerian said...

yaay for the man who admitted his crush! hope tonight was fun!!!!!