Sunday, July 26, 2009

the nugget of gold

round two of the reunion was last nite.
really good. i guess maybe it takes 30 years
for those high school barriers to fall away...
amazing how weirdness can hang on so long.

and i honestly think the change is in me.
i was really comfortable and okay with whatever

wonder how come it took me so long....

some really cool moments and some really fun
catchin' up.

but i think aside from any of that, i found
the piece of gold in the whole weekend. (well,
besides the gold of being comfortable!!)

i was sittin' at the dinner table when a friend
leaned over and pointed out the vids playin'
in the background, up against the back wall.

i can't even describe the feeling as i watched
pieces of it.

someone from our class, way way way back then
actually brought in a camcorder (we had those
in those days????) and did home movies of school.

i actually remember him doing this. he wandered
around the halls with his camera and just shot
footage wherever he went.

well, he saved it. and there it was playing.

talk about haunting.

we all got a copy to take home.
i haven't looked yet.

but i will.

i sat there and watched part of it and it
was screaming at me thru the room....

life is short.
it goes so quick.
don't waste it.
you will never have these days again.
enjoy the moments.

i thought that vid had to hit everyone this
way. i thought the screaming in my head was
the same screaming in everyone's head.

don't think it was tho.
i mentioned it to several people, and i don't
think it was screaming their way.

it's still echoing in my mind tho....
rattlin' away.

today i go wander around the halls of the
high school. and then i'm done with memory lane.

and then i'm takin' this weekend and i'm keepin'
the echoes and i'm gonna hear them and remember....

it's the moments.
it's now.
live it with all ya got.

cause it is all ya got.

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