Sunday, July 26, 2009

the tour

just got back from the tour of the high school...
the last event for me for the big reunion weekend.

josh came with me. we got there early so that
two old buddies and josh could jam a little bit
before we toured.

there they sat out front, my two friends from
the old days and my son, playin' 'takin' care of
business' and singin' away.

i just sat back and grinned. how totally fun.

then the tour.

how long could it take?!

oh my.....i was there the whole time allowed.
the longer i was in there, the more memories
came back.

i had had one class with one of the guys i
was with. he found the classroom and we went in.
we found our seats and sat down.

so so cool.
wow had we traveled far since then.
we've actually stayed friends since then and
shared so much life together. how weird to sit
there and look over at him now.

another guy i was wanderin' around with reminded
me which class we had shared. we never did find
the classroom!

but as we wandered around, he told me that twice
during high school he had tried to commit suicide.

i stopped walking.
looked at him.
my eyes teared up.

i had no idea.

i touched his arm. i told him how sorry i was
that i didn't know. and asked him about it....

what years those were.
what turmoil mixed in with all the craziness.
what isolation mixed in with all the crowds.

when i hugged him goodbye, it was a really good
hug. an 'i'm glad you made it thru' hug.

i'm so thankful we made it thru.
and thinking about those who didn't.....

what a journey.
what an amazing journey.......

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