Sunday, July 26, 2009

my josh

i couldn't have loved josh more today.

he actually got up early after a really late
nite so he could join me in my goofiness today.

hopping in the car with me, he listened to all
my crazy stories from the nite before and he
laughed with me and carried on with me.

he listened to everyone's memories as we
wandered, he took a thousand pictures, and he
honestly enjoyed himself.

on the drive home i told him he made my day.
that it was so fun to have him with me.
and i thanked him.

told him that people can be good and agree to
join in on something and be there....but not
go any further than just being there....
but when you agree to go, and then you have a
good time while you're there....and then you
add more fun to the whole thing....
that's giving. and that's a gift.

and what a gift he gave me.

i'm all done with this silliness now. gonna
curl in and recover and turn back to the present.

but how cool to share this memory with josh now.

i am feelin' like i'm just where i want to be.

and that's such a good feelin'.....

and he gave that to me today.

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Kavindra said...

neat blending of the present and the memories of the past

I've really enjoyed reading about your reunion experiences. Think we are the same age (48?) and I don't have a reunion to go to (our school shut down, very small class), so I am relishing yours.