Friday, July 24, 2009


what a darn stinkin' complicated word.

and yet....
what a darnk stinkin' easy concept.

being open. whatever that is....the foundation
of love, part of love, a facet of love....
whatever it is....if you don't have it, you don't
have love.

if you're not open, you're closed.

if you're closed, you aren't loving.

you can trick yourself into believing you are.
you can trick yourself into believing it will
get you there....

but they're tricks.

i know.

i'm an expert at them.

'strength lies in the opening of the heart.'

for me, that's the most profound bone sigh
i've ever written.

and i think it's so short and simple it
can go right by ya....

it's a protection we need sometimes.
yeah, i think so.

it's what we use as a protection sometimes
that hurts us more than what we're tryin'
to protect ourselves from.

i think so.

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