Friday, July 24, 2009

my sky

i walked and looked up at the sky.

okay, this stuff is totally stressin'
me out.

and it doesn't have to, does it?

there's bigger stuff out there,
i can't figure it out....and today,
right now, this moment is a gift,
isn't it?

i looked at the clouds.

it's up to me to redirect my energy.
it's up to me to stay open to the clouds.

and i smiled.

of all weekends for me to have my silly
high school reunion.....this weekend is

i need to redirect.
i need to distance myself and go have
some fun.

i need to refocus.

there's so much more yet to be learned.
i see it so clearly. we're not where we
thought we were.

but that's okay.
cause there's time.
maybe not.

but things can only go so fast.

and life is full.
with much to look at.
and much good to give my energies to.

and a beautiful sky up there for me
to connect to.

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