Thursday, July 23, 2009

a laugh break....

there's life drama goin' on around me.
and it's gettin' to me a bit.
i've been tryin' to work real hard so
i'm available when needed and tryin' not
to go nuts. so it's been intense all the
way around.

today i couldn't take it anymore.
had enough. needed to go laugh.

he's in town for the reunion. called him
up. where you at? want some lunch? i need
a laugh.

the boys came along and we all met up.
he's a sport.

when we were just barely teens he liked
to make me blush.

guess he figured i needed it today as
he tried a few times and pulled it off.

i laughed. and laughed. and laughed.

and it felt so good to be out and goofin'.

i don't get this life stuff. there i sat
with some guy from my past i barely knew.
and yet that kooky connection we had from
so long ago made it work.

i'm back now turnin' back to work........
feelin' so grateful for the laugh break....


faerian said...

a good laugh and a frisson of something - even if it is long gone is like having a holiday - brava for making the call and for catching up with "Him"

Sorrow said...

I think I need one of those..