Thursday, July 23, 2009

touchin' history

tomorrow is the start of the high school
reunion weekend. thirty years.
i cannot really wrap my head around that one.

it honestly just feels like lifetimes ago and
that that was another person.

i have planned on going to all the events.
there's something each day of the weekend.
not sure which i'll make now as there's life
craze mixed up in things now.

i thought i might miss it all, and today,
i'm thinking i might make it to it all.

i'll just have to wait and see.

i do think i'll make tomorrow nite's event.
and i'm starting to really look forward to it.

we're old enough now that it can't be about
impressing each other anymore. i just can't
believe it can be.

it's not on my end, anyway.

i just want to go and touch some history.

i want to go and remember that time of my life
and remember that that really happened. that
i really was a teenager once.

i want to go and laugh and goof and reminisce.

i went to a funeral once. and it was a really sad
funeral. at the same time, it was one of the coolest
moments for me.

i was standing in a circle of kids i grew up with.
not school buddies, but neighborhood buddies. kids
i had really really grown up with. and it was so
awesome to see those kids all grown up. and we laughed
and goofed just like we did years and years ago.
the barriers dropped fast and that easy banter was
right back.

the high school deal is different. those guys at
the funeral were more like family. high school is
more like maybe sorta friends.

but that's okay they're history.

and right now, i really want to touch some of my

there's so many parts to it.
neighborhood times, school times, family times....

this one seems like a fun one to touch right now.

i'm lookin' forward to it.......

1 comment:

faerian said...

sending you waves of admiration about reaching back through time like that ... i have lots of reservations about reunions - i am not pretty anymore, what remarkable things i haven't done with my life etc etc...
would love to hear how it goes!