Thursday, July 23, 2009

go figure

i have a weird history with ozzy osbourne.
he got big when i was a teen. at that time,
my brother was a big black sabbath fan and
at that time, my brother was in turmoil and
he was scary to me.

so when i'd hear him, those times would come
back to me, and i'd turn him off. bad memories.
couldn't even listen to him. i'd leave rooms
if he was playing.

but there came a time when josh discovered him.
and interestingly enough, it was when my life
was in turmoil.

one day josh pulled me into his room and played
a song for me. before he played it, he handed
me the lyrics so i could follow and he said
that he thought this song might be how i'm feeling.

i listened and cried.
it was about leaving and finding another shore to
land on...

my son understood and he showed me thru ozzy

go figure.

since then i've had a soft spot for the man. and
at that time his album 'diary of a madman' seemed
to sum up everything i was feeling or witnessing.

all the boys got into ozzy for a bit and you'd hear
him constantly. i became as big a fan. i loved him
because they loved him. i loved him because of that
moment with josh, and i just loved him cause he hit
my hurt spots.

they've moved on and listen to all kindsa other things
now. i rarely hear him anymore.

but the other was a particularly rough day.
they came to the studio to work for me and they asked
what music i wanted.

doesn't matter. anything.

next thing i knew, ozzy was blaring.

and it felt really good.

i looked up at them.

ozzy! haven't heard him in a long time.

yeah, they smiled.
thought you needed him today.

i smiled back.

yeah, i guess i really do.

go figure.
sometimes it's so amazing living with these guys.

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