Thursday, July 23, 2009

turtle shells

i'm movin' a bit like a turtle this morning.
kinda slow and steady. carryin' some protection
on my back to just whip on into if i have to.

my walk was slow.
there just are some days my legs won't move
fast. so i go with it.

i stopped to talk to the construction guys.
they finish up my part of the neighborhood
tomorrow and then go on to the next part.
they'll be around for a good long time, just
not right under my feet.

yesterday they were workin' in front of my
house again and i went out and joked with
them and was wavin' from the window.

told them they're family now and i wanted to
have a cake to say goodbye but since they
really weren't leaving, a cake didnt' seem
to work. we'll have to wait til they really

and i saw myself standing there telling these
big ol' guys they're family now and i thought...
ya know, ter, you're a weirdo.

life is how you look at it.
life is what you make of it.

i don't think i want to be a turtle with my
shell ready for protection today.

i think i want to put that down.

slow is okay.

but i think i want to be open today.
i think i want to open up to life and say
i'm ready for what you're handin' me.

if these big ol' burly construction guys
can look like family to me, then i gotta
realize it's all in how you look at things.

slippin' the shell off...

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