Thursday, July 2, 2009

feelin' way lucky....

i wanted to deal with it on my own.
'it's my stuff, i got it.' i told him.

'it's our stuff. we need to work on it
together,' he said.

ohhhhhhhh i didn't want to.
i'll just work on it myself.

and this is where he excels.

he pushed.
and gave me space.
and pushed a little more.
and waited for me while i struggled
to answer.

i think that's one of his greatest gifts
to me....the in your face, i'm here, we're
gonna face it thing he does while at the
same time backin' up and giving me space
to accept that and gather my courage. he
patiently waits for me.

how does someone get in your face and give
you space at the same time?

i am reminded of that quote i posted a bit
ago here about a soul of the lines
from it...

a soul mate is the person who brings you
to your own attention so you can change your

somewhere along the line, i got awful lucky.

1 comment:

Merry ME said...

In your face and space....
It sounds a little like the saying "give your kids roots and wings." Seems incongruous, yet both things provide a safe place to be with themselves and others.

Sounds to me like you've found, or are still finding, that safe place.
Hooray for you and the in-your-facer-spacer!