Friday, July 3, 2009

more moment stuff

she has parkinson's.
we've been acquaintances for years.
just passing each other at events.

yesterday i found myself having coffee
with her and a friend.

i got to asking her about it a bit.
there's years and years worth of conversation

but something that came up was coping skills.
how do you cope? i asked her.

and one of her answers was living in the moment.

ahhhh.....there's that darn concept again.

i asked a bit more about that. didn't get as
far as i wanted as distractions gave way to

but i heard myself say something that has been
making me chuckle ever since.

it was something real brilliant like 'sometimes
i'm really good at it. i'm there. in the moment.
and other times i just suck at it.'

well, grin, yeah, ter.
you're either in it or you're not.
this isn't a thing you can do halfway.

oh yeah.

i wondered if she got good at it because she had
a constant push to work at that.....
she seemed to think so.

like i say, a whole lot more to talk about.

i've been holding the moment thing ever since tho.

the universe handed me the weekend to practice it.
i'm goofin' with the guys a whole lot this weekend.
we're making a point of it.

and i know it's the perfect opportunity for some
real good practice.

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