Friday, July 17, 2009

holy places

i have two sacred spots in the world.
one is a creek that i used to play in when
i was a kid.

i used to skip school to go play in the creek.
and i mean play. i didn't go up and do drugs.
i went and splashed and laughed and had
chicken fights and goofed and just enjoyed
in that place. i was really a kid for a long
long time.

i've been there with an odd variety of people
in my life....and it's always been good.
there's something holy there.

the other is an art gallery.
it's an old warehouse turned art gallery.

and there's something magical in that place.
something holy there too.

i actually spent the nite alone in there once
and it was such a wonderful nite. when it rains
it gets real loud on the roof. there's beams and
wooden floors and just all kindsa feel to it.

i felt at home the minute i walked in. and it
became like a second home to me. i've gone there
for refuge more than once.

the guys and i are headin' there today.

we had made plans to go just for fun. see some
friends that i've missed a lot. and just goof.

funny thing....stuff happened since we've made
plans....and i want to go for a bit of the refuge
feel of it. i want to go and be surrounded by
that feeling of home i get when i'm there.

i need it today.

and i'm so delighted at the timing.

everyone needs a holy place or two.

know where yours are?

i'm headin' to mine......and gonna soak it in.....


Kavindra said...


the post are always lovely, but this one, especially, at this time

I have a creek too ~ you are right, it is holy

thank you, I never realized that before

faerian said...

my sacred place is invariably by the sea - my part of the world (the east coast on the north island of New Zealand) can be blazing wild, subdued and sparkling, and flirty and free...
and anything in between.

it fills me up and hollows me out to got there and i know that i am in the presence of the divine when i am there!