Saturday, July 18, 2009

my rain.

so we went to my special place.
(see post below) and i lugged in our
kooler with the food and we set up lunch
right there smack in the middle of the

it had started raining lightly the minute
we pulled into town.

as i spread out the peanut butter and jelly
and the veggie burgers it started to rain

and harder.

it was pouring.

and it was so loud on the roof that we had
to almost shout to hear each other.

i clapped my hands and looked up at the beams
above us. then back at my friends.

this is for me, ya know. i said.

this rain on the roof is for me.

it rained all thru lunch.
all thru our visit there.

and then when it was time to leave, it stopped.

and it didn't rain again thru our whole trip.

that was definitely definitely definitely my rain.

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