Thursday, July 30, 2009

the hunk in the stew

all this high school stuff continues.

i rolled my eyes at myself this morning.
of course it does, terri, that's what
you do.

you tinker with stuff.

there's been a lotta facebook contact
between classmates.

that's been a lotta fun and makes me laugh
when i could use a laugh, so i'm enjoyin'

but it does, of course, get me thinking about
my life.....

i realized this morning that i've spent my
40's on my own. my marriage explosion happened
right at 40 and the split up went on forever,
but i see it as from about two weeks after my
40th birthday. i definitely felt on my own.

at first it was so incredibly lonely. scary,
and gosh...just new.

it's not new anymore. it's life. and while i
do have that guy of mine...i still feel on
my own. sometimes it's lonely. sometimes it's
scary. but mostly it's good.

i walked along muddled about a million things
today....but that part seemed real clear.

i like where i've come. i like where i am.

and that is so darn cool.

this high school stuff is actually stirring a lot
up. other stuff goin' on in my life is mixing
into the pot, and i'm a muddled mess....

so finding that hunk in the stew felt really
really good this morning.

will help me with the stirring of the rest of
the stuff, i think.

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