Thursday, July 30, 2009


okay, so i'm thinking this treadmill's gonna
be a life saver.
altho, at some point it's absolutely gotta
move outta zakk's room. altho he managed
to sleep right on thru it this morning!

oh to be a teenager....

took my walk.
really way way muddled thoughts.
all over the place muddled.

saw a turtle crossing the road.

i love those guys! i stopped to move
it across in the direction it was goin'
just way off road. and i found myself
talking to it out loud explaining it was
just like an airplane ride right now and
to sit back and enjoy the ride.

i heard myself talking out loud to this
turtle and it even dawned on me that i'm
a weirdo.

got nowhere inside my head with the walk.
then hit the treadmill. oh man....i can
see how that thing's gonna be good for
mind work.

i got so i could disappear on it today.

not totally.
but almost.

it was hot so i decided i'd walk to alaska
in my mind....

didn't quite get there, but pretty close.

i'm thinking in a few more days i'm gonna
be crossin' worlds on that thing!

hot dog! a time machine!

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