Wednesday, July 8, 2009

that was easy

something i work really hard at is getting
to a good spot inside myself over things goin'
on in my life.

this morning i tried and i tried....and it so
wasn't working.

i was exercising and thinking about it all,
and it hit me.....

you're not okay about it.



that was the enlightening thought.

you're just not okay about it.
so stop tryin' to be.



and this sounds so weird....but there
was a big sense of relief.

if life is choices, then choose not to
be okay with it.

then choose what you do about it.

that was easy.

i've got one of those 'easy buttons' from
staples right here on my desk. you push it
and it says 'that was easy.'

i just pushed it.
and grinned.

don't know what the solution is.
but do know i can make my life what i want.

i just have to know what i want....
and what i don't want.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

There is relief when we accept it all...

I've found it easier to just acknowledge....say...sadness...let it wash over me and feel it, than try to stuff it down. Because when I do that....I'm *not* doing anything with it and it rears it's head yet again. Sometimes it takes time to let it be and let it go. The letting it go is less effort, less struggle that way.

It's all about what we choose to do with it.


I stopped trying to know what I want by predicating it on what I don't want. Cuz that's what we get with the negative thought. Exactly what we don't want.

Let what you want start small and even ambiguous....and then let it on it and suddenly it will get very, very clear.