Thursday, July 9, 2009

a mixture of a morning....

the cars were lined up headin' down my street.
mmmmm.....must be an accident on the highway.
i decided to skip the walk and sit in my
back yard for a bit.

i love my back yard.
to me it's a sanctuary.
it's a nice size, got lotsa trees and it's
just peaceful. i sat there and watched the
birds in the trees. two rabbits were playin'
with each other. it was so cool to watch.
one ran and sat right next to me and ate the
grass as i sat and looked at it. such soft

it was so peaceful.

i could just see a blur of colors goin' by
on the next road over. still cars comin' thru,
i thought.

and then i sat and thought of the accident.
sendin' good vibes to whoever was in it...and
feelin' grateful that we were all safe and home.

i pictured me sitting in this little patch of
green peacefulness as the cars whisked by me on
both sides.

i sat and went to my wonderings about life and
what it was all about....

so much hustle and bustle. so much pain.
wondered how many people who were sidetracked down
my road gave any thought to whoever was in the
accident. we just forget sometimes what's really
going on, ya know?

picked up the local paper at the end of my driveway....
looked thru the articles on the rise in business
robberies, and the rise of hate groups....

what a mixture this morning.

all around me.

and it's that silly rabbit chewin' on the clover
right next to me that brings me such peace.

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