Thursday, July 9, 2009

my awesome running water

so everyone has a story.
i know this.
i know this really well.
why does it take me so long to get them
sometimes?? just glad i got some of his today.

my ups man.
best guy in the world.
really really like this man.
we're close in age. and i just treasure him.

turns out he came over here from the philippines
when he was a teen.

he started describing life over there....
and i could feel the gratitude fillin all inside
me for all that i've got.

i live in a modest/small three bedroom/one bathroom
house in a lower middle class blue collar neighborhood.

as we talked, i was feeling like i lived in a castle.
WITH washing machine!!
i think the laundry part got me really good.

i asked about that.

he explained the hand washing of clothes, the skin
that would peel off his fingers as he washed his jeans.

i know all about this kinda thing 'out there'.....but
there he stood tellin' me all about it.
and i could see him remembering and it was all so

this morning i kept thinking about all the people
driving around the accident on the highway today. just
thinking that they'd be late to work. and i thought
about how we forget.

well, my ups man just reminded me of another way
i forget.....

my running water's gonna look pretty awesome today.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

We forget just how good we have it. Not just a washing machine or dishwasher or indoor plumbing....but a seemingly endless supply of clean water to necessary for life itself.

Feeling ve4ry grateful today as well.