Thursday, July 9, 2009

love links.....

i cannot believe that i didn't post about the
love link chain!!!
ya know, i can't keep up with myself.

i posted ages ago over on face book thanking
everyone and apparently missed here!

i am so sorry!!!

remember the love chain for my bud with cancer?!!!

thank you.
hangin' my head with a bit of shame here.
i can't believe i haven't thanked you guys.
i am so sorry.

it was an absolute hit.
she got it when she was with her sister.
the person she is closest in the world to.
and they read link by link together. and they
both cried and cried.

and maybe it's really cool i waited til today
to post i got the scoop today that
her cancer is cleared. i'm hesitant to say that
as there's the recurring factor that's high.
BUT for now.....and that's all we all have....
she's clear!!!!

kinda makes you smile at the power of medicine...
and well.....the power of love!!!!!

let me see if i can include two shots of the
chain here. both suck as i couldn't figure out
how to take a picture of the thing. it was too
big. and the one picture i have of the whole
thing makes it look small! so i went for these
to share......

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Anonymous said...

It's so good to hear that she's clear!! What wonderful news. I know that was a tough time for all of you. Maybe all of those positive thoughts....... vic