Thursday, July 9, 2009

more sharing.....

i snagged the link pictures (see post below)
off of my facebook page. while i was over
there i thought i'd grab some others!

there's one of my guys.
and one of me and my guys.

i love both of these.
the one of just the guys captures them
so well. they're so wonderful.

and then the one with me and them makes
me smile as i just don't realize they
tower over me that much! and that's zakk
lookin' off to the heavens there.
makes me laugh every time i look at that.

wonder what he was thinking......

it's zakk.
we'll never know!
yo yo's in the cap, josh has the beard.
(altho not at the moment)

just wanted to share....

1 comment:

runzwithknives said...

They dwarf you, lmao.
(I can say that...all three of mine were taller than me by age 12).

Great shots...beautiful boys and a beautiful Lady!