Friday, July 10, 2009

doesn't anyone sleep anymore?

what happened to my sleepy neighborhood???

last nite something drove down my street
and woke me up. as i opened my eyes, i
saw flashes of light circling my walls.
whatever it was kept goin'.

i smelled something odd.

i sat up in bed.

sniffing the air.

what IS that???

went to the window.
couldn't see a thing, but could smell
something like an electrical burning

wandered around the house sniffing.
making sure my house wasn't making the

as i walked thru the living room,
cars started drivin' down my road,
past my window.


what time is it???

it was around midnight.
car after car was driving by.

must be another accident, i thought.
doesn't anyone ever sleep around here???

this morning a neighbor told me all about it.
someone set a truck on fire in the construction
site AND there was a real bad accident up on
the highway.

AND 911 was really struggling to be any help
when he called.

made me think of the time i called 911 this
year and no one answered.
they called back later. they were so busy,
they couldn't take the call when it came in.

what happened to my sleepy little area???

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