Tuesday, July 14, 2009

tiny spots of light

man....this is my day for talkin' to myself
thru talkin' to others.

just left a comment on a friend's blog.
she's hurting and i wanted to reach out.

and it got me all thinking.

i discovered something one day.
actually, i heard it come out of my mouth
one nite when i was talking to someone who
was hurting about as much as you can hurt.

i heard myself tell him one nite that it
wasn't all black. that i had figured it out.
that i had thought it was. but it wasn't.
(now, this was some time after the original
pain, so i truly wasn't thoughtless or heartless
or some obnoxious cheerleader here)

and i heard me talk about the power of love
and caring between people. and how i had never
seen darkness so black before, but even in that
blackness, i saw tiny spots of light in the
love i felt for him.

as i spoke i listened.
i realized while it was the closest thing to
hell i had ever been involved in....
it wasn't hell.

cause hell is not love anymore.

someone famous once said that, i think.
that's not mine.
i sure like that line.

and if you have anyone reachin' out to you in
the darkness, even if they have nothing else they
can do but put their hand out and stretch their
fingers your way....

those very fingers give off light.

hell is not love anymore.

i have never ever come close to that.

and i hope i never ever do.

it's all around us.

if we look.
sometimes just tiny spots of light.
but they're there.

they're so there.
hang on to them.
never let them go.....

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faerian said...

i saw fireflies for the first time ever and it is the image in my head ... sometimes it is that light - those tiny specs of light- that save us!