Tuesday, July 14, 2009

bless them. love them. and let them be.

years ago i spent some time in woman's group
therapy. i remember wondering how that could
possibly work as we all had such different problems.

i was amazed at how it all really did work.
everyone cared and took each other really seriously.
when one woman had a problem, we all listened and
offered our thoughts.

trying to think thru what i could offer each woman
as she spoke helped me figure out my own stuff.

it's where i really got convinced of how much we
need each other.

i just finished writing a note to a friend.
she opened her heart up a bit to me and laid out
some really really hard stuff.

i found myself writing this to her:

'all i know is you can only give your best.
it's up to everyone else to either take it as a gift,
or miss it.'

as i typed it, i could hear my voice reading it back
to me in my head.

the next line was something about how easy that was
to type, but not so easy to live.

yeah, i know. cause intellectually, i know this concept,
but my gosh, i don't have it in my bones.

what else can you do tho, you know?

and how much time do we really have to worry about it?

we don't have the time to worry about it.
we don't.

offer your best.
give your all.

then rejoice with the ones who see it......
and bless the ones who don't.
and keep goin' forward.

but what if one of those people is someone you care
about sooooo much.

same deal.
same deal.

same same same deal.

sit and worry, you waste what you've got.
you waste your gift....the gift of time that you have
to live how you want.

bless them. love them. and let them be.

that was so for me.
i needed to hear that.....


Merry ME said...

Perfect timing for me too!

faerian said...

wow... such a simple profound truth... i hope that my girls learn to live that from their heart and don't have to battle to learn it!