Tuesday, July 14, 2009

the bond of laughter......

he asked me how i was this morning.

'if i tell you, you have to promise you
won't leave me.'

he promised and i poured out my crazed
heart to him.

he laughed.

that's not very nurturing.

he laughed harder.

i started laughing.

and then i whined a bit and poured
out some more.

and he laughed some more.

guys sure do comfort different than women
do. but ya know....it helped.

and i keep hearin' him laugh in my ear
and it makes me smile.

i had this friend that i shared some truly
high pressure emergency moments with.
and we actually laughed at certain parts
where you would think no one would laugh.

life and death and we're standing there laughing.

those are some of my favorite memories of my
whole life.

i don't know why.

there's just something so incredible about
laughter. specially in tense times. it's such
a bond somehow.

it seems like it's a bond in tense times and
not tense times.

it's just a really wonderful darn bond.

and i like it.

here's to laughter.
may we all experience it today!

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