Tuesday, July 14, 2009

the grass is greener on the logic side of the fence....

i read something to him this morning on the phone.
he didn't get it and started to explain to me
why it made no sense.

i joked with him about his logic and the handicap
it was and laughed a bit and told him to forget it.

as the conversation went on, he mentioned that i
was an emotional creature. run on feelings.

'is it easier to be logical, do you think?' i asked

he didn't think either one was particularly easier
than the other.

oh. okay.
cause if you thought it was easier, i was just gonna
be logical instead.

he laughed.
teased at the impossibility of it, and we moved on.

i don't know tho.......
seems like i ought to try it for a day.

of course, i have a 'meeting' with little terri
later today. i wonder if you can pull that off with

okay. guess the logic has to wait.
or maybe i'll leave it to him.

it just seems easier from this angle....
but i spose that's the way it always is.

certainly not as much fun.
that i know.

i'll stick with this side of the fence, i guess.
and maybe roll around in the grass a bit and
enjoy the feelings.....

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