Tuesday, July 14, 2009

a little slow sometimes...

so i've been weird lately.
weirder than usual.

i woke up this morning with some
kinda kooky energy buzzin' around in me.

gonna walk this outta me, i thought.
and so i did.

i started walkin' fast and just kept goin.

i knew i needed an extra lap, so i kept
goin' past my house and went around the
block for a little extra spin.

and it was then that i finally could unwind
a bit and touch in with little terri.

it's been YOU that's been makin' me crazy

and suddenly i knew it was something up with
her......and i just couldn't believe i hadn't
figured it out.

i thought it was life stuff getting to me.

shakin' my head here.

when will i ever learn that it's my inner
stuff that gets to me???

by the time i found her and realized it,
i had worn myself out.

ah well, that's okay.
as i'm gonna create a little quiet space
today and retouch in.

already i feel better.

sometimes the depth of my thickheadedness
amazes me.

i really oughta know this stuff by now.....

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