Monday, July 13, 2009

flashing neon

there's this young man that totally fascinates me.

he has this incredible system of dealing with
his fears.

instead of facing them and conquering them,
he changes himself so he doesn't have to deal
with the fears.

it's extreme.
which is why it's fascinating.

i'm sure we all do that to some point.
he just takes it to a point i've never seen before.

for example he'll have something he really wants.
but then he finds some hurdles in his way.
and fears kick in.
insecurities start to speak up.
instead of going forward and just dealing with
all that as he goes along, he changes course.

changes what he really wants.
never speaks of the other.
but does speak arrogantly of how good he is.
and how good this new plan is.

if any hurdles come up there, the cycle
repeats itself.

if you branded it on his head, he wouldn't

it's such an amazing system he's built up.

well.....he's extreme, yes.......
but he's not really doin' anything that
the rest of us don't do in some forms.

people like this fascinate me because it's
such a flashing neon sign that i cant' miss
it. and i can sit and watch it flash and try
to figure out how it works....and then turn
it into some of my stuff that i don't see
flashing so brightly.

how much of our lives is fear controlling?

for me, that's the question of the century.

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