Monday, July 20, 2009


okay, i started at part two....
you should prolly start at part one.
but i started at part two tonite,
and then i kept scrolling up.

and i was so involved in this story,
everything else stopped.

i want to say so much.
and yet i don't have to.
you'll get all your own words, your
own feelings, your own tears....

check out mary's blog

and scroll up to read the whole thing.
then shoot, scroll down and find part one and
all the other posts.

but this story.......
it will touch you.

1 comment:

JoyZAChoice said...

thanks for this. read it this morning, after i got the news. mary's blog...i'd forgotten about it...but won't any more. got it on my page i'll be checking in regularly. ya give so much. and i really am grateful.