Thursday, July 2, 2009

weird ducks

she asked me if i'd either write or record
something for her for some body image thing
she was doin'.

sure, i said.

that means i gotta work on this stuff.

i keep putting my toes in it.
then i conveniently get distracted and forget
all about it.

so i did something for her and then....
got distracted!!!!

so okay, the issues came up on their own
yesterday. and so this morning i figured
maybe i ought to try to do something with
it all.

where in the world do you start???

and while i can see that it's kinda comical...
this is what i did....

i walked and thought 'okay, you don't have
this ________' and i'd think oh yeah, that's

then i'd think of another horribly unattractive
thing that i don't have.
and think 'oh yeah, that's good, i don't have

i'm laughing just typing this.

that's so pathetic.
but that's where i started.

and as silly as it sounds, it felt good.

i think it's the first time ever i tried
to work with this stuff and actually found
myself laughing and feelin' better about

so, what the heck....
pathetic start.
but i think it might help me get rollin'....

i'm such a weird duck.

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