Friday, August 7, 2009

acceptance yet again...

had a talk with little terri this morning
on the treadmill! this is gonna be good!

it'll be food for a tuesday's child recording
over on our site....

i have to sit with it later and write it up.

but the bottom line totally fits with the
post below.

there's a flow.

the flow is acceptance.

there's more to it.
there's so much more to that flow, i think.

but you gotta have acceptance.

and it kinda hit me......
acceptance is as powerful as gratitude.

i've got the gratitude thing pretty strong.
i do good there.
but the acceptance thing....ohhhhh not so good.

i work on it, but end up doin' coping techniques
more than any kinda real acceptance.

i refocus a lot.
and while i think that's invaluable, it's
not accepting.

and it hit me this morning......
that's one of my weakest points.

and it's got to be one of the most important
points to a full life.


but i spose part of acceptance is accepting
that you suck at acceptance. and moving
on from there.

it's a concept that got renewed respect this

what to do about it??

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